The Northeast Ohio Organizational Development Connection (ODC) 

OD Connection – at the Center of Change
We are a leading OD professional development organization in Northeast Ohio promoting effective practices and philosophies. We offer practitioners, students, and interested parties opportunities to:
  • Create a learning community 
  • Advance their knowledge and skills
  • Network and support one another 
  • Share effective OD experiences.

We meet as often as somebody is willing to develop a program, at various locations.

A stimulating and highly interactive look at a ground-breaking book by Michelle Li:  Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead (May 24, 2010).   
While the book focuses on social media and how they are changing the game for many companies AND nonprofits, the leadership lessons can be generalized well beyond that.  This book is relevant for all of us:  OD people, HR folks, marketing professionals, leaders and managers alike, regardless of our business sector.  You will get some excellent tips on how to find open leaders, nurture them and how to foster a more open-leadership culture in organizations you work with or in.

Location: Panera Bread 5090 Tiedemen Rd. 9:30-11:30am 

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