The Northeast Ohio Organizational Development Connection (ODC) 

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Events - Nov 2013

Coffee Conversation: OD Tools - when do they work?

This session was facilitated by ODC Board members. ODC practitioners shared their experiences with successful and unsuccessful uses of OD tools and methods. These are some of the tools that were mentioned:
  • Client Mapping Tools—drawing pictures to understand all that is required from a resource perspective to accomplish a projectVisual Mapping – a technique used at the OD Network Conference –helped create a meaningful picture of strategic issues.
  • Introduction Techniques—the 12 Squares model –provides an alternative to the standard go around the room and introduce yourself---gives everyone more data in the form of a picture of who you are.
  • Models for Understanding Work Agreements—Roger Knapp provided a very detailed example of how the contracting experience can be enriched.
  • Models for introducing the notion of Change Resistance were discussed—letting people know why the change is necessary and what their role going forward will be is critical to addressing resistance to change.
  • Starting from a positive place helps get groups in a frame of mind that is most conducive to productivity.
  • Introduction to seminars to get the engagement of all the participants and to define how the participants will get the most benefit out of the experience.
  • Compression Planning approach---analyze, prioritize, reflect…

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