The Northeast Ohio Organizational Development Connection (ODC) 

OD Connection – at the Center of Change
We are a leading OD professional development organization in Northeast Ohio promoting effective practices and philosophies. We offer practitioners, students, and interested parties opportunities to:
  • Create a learning community 
  • Advance their knowledge and skills
  • Network and support one another 
  • Share effective OD experiences.

We meet as often as somebody is willing to develop a program, at various locations.

At the Nerve Center- Change, Change Agents and Leadership at MetroHealth

The OD team at MetroHealth has been growing, and is becoming the nerve center of change in MetroHealth's county-wide health system.  MetroHealth also has a new CEO, adding new opportunities and energy to the team's work.
OD team members shared highlights of key projects they are working on.  Then we broke into small "consultation" groups and discussed with session participants challenges, opportunities and strategies for the future.  This was a highly interactive session.  

Presentation Team:
Pamela Ziss, PhD, OD Department Director
Cheryl Barker, PhD, Org. Effectiveness Specialist
Garry Gross, (MSOD Cand.) Org. Effectiveness Specialist

Stacy Johnson, MSPOD, Org. Effectiveness Specialist
Rick Krivanka, MSOD, Org. Effectiveness Specialist
Sarah Spengler, MSOD, Org. Effectiveness Specialist

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